South America Tour: Explore The Best of Peru With A Customized Itinerary And More

South America Tour: Explore The Best of Peru With A Customized Itinerary And More

Peruvian Travel Itineraries And Places To Visit

Peru is a beautiful serene country that still has a lot of mysteries and secrets to it. When you go to Peru you will find a whole new world unlocked right before your very eyes, but before you go you need to have the proper itinerary so that you can see and go to as many places around the country as you can without missing out on anything important. It does not matter whether you are going to Peru for months on end with endless funds or whether you are short on time and need to see as much as you can in as little time as possible, the following itineraries have you covered and will ensure that you see all of the must-see places and don’t miss out on anything that simply should not be missed. 

Itinerary Number One: The Gringo Trail

The Gringo Trail is one of the most classic trips that people go on when they go to Peru for the very first time. This trail allows first-time travelers to see the biggest highlights that Peru has to offer throughout the southern part of the country, and allows you to get around the area comfortably by taking the bus. You start the trail in Lima and it goes to Cusco by way of the Peru Hop Bus. The itinerary for this trip can be as fast as a 6-day long trip, or if you are not in a hurry you can take your time and get on and off the bus whenever you feel like it, touring the area to your leisure. The trip is best done in twelve days or more, and below is the perfect itinerary to get you through the Gringo Trail so you see everything!

Day 1:

On the first day, you will hop on the bus in the morning starting in Lima and it will take you to a place known as Paracas. Paracas is a small town by the ocean, and on this day you will relax at the beach and eat at the local restaurants along the shore. 

Day 2:

The next afternoon you will load up on the bus again and head to see the Ballestas Islands and the National Reserve located in Huacachina. While there you will also have the opportunity to get a little adventurous and try your hand at sandboarding on the dunes!

Day 3-6:

This stretch of the trip can be an overnight part or can take a few days if you like. You will go from Huacachina to Nazca and get a chance to tour the Pisco Vineyard, Peru’s biggest vineyard to visit the famous wine that they produce. 

Day 7-9:

You will get on the early morning bus and head from Arequipa to Puno where the floating islands at Lake Titicaca are located. You get to spend the night on the islands in a local’s home so that you get a real local’s experience. You also get to do excursions on Amantani Island and explore all that the lush islands have to offer.

Day 10-12:

The last few days are a little more relaxed and the bus will take you to Cusco where you can take a train and go to Machu Picchu. During this last leg of your Peruvian journey, you get to explore the city of Cusco that has traditional cobbled streets and walk through the main square shopping in the unique stores that the city has to offer. The high point of the trip that you absolutely do not want to miss out on is Machu Picchu. You want to go here for at least two days so you can experience things like the amazing sunrises and stay in the enchanting town in Aguas Calientes.

You will end the trip by getting back on the bus which takes you to Lima and then catching a plane home. 

Itinerary Number 2: The Jungle Excursion

This is a customized itinerary for the traveler that wants to get as far off the beaten track as possible. You will start this customized itinerary in Iquitos and go deep into the rainforest to vacation among jungle animals, the indigenous people of Peru, and discover all that the rainforest has to offer. 

This is not one of those Peru tours & vacation packages that is going to offer luxury accommodations, in fact, you will be in a place that is full of insects and creepy crawlers, with no hot water, and more than likely no energy at all. You will be living off of just the basics and introduce you to a whole new way of life. In this customized itinerary, you will start in Lima, fly into Pucallpa, and travel by boat and on foot throughout the rest of the rainforest. You will get to see everything from Monkey Island and butterfly farm to the manatee orphanage getting to explore the Belen floating village; a village where all the stores and homes are on stilts in the water. This Peruvian vacation is about as rustic as you can get but is one of the most beautiful Peru tours and vacation packages you can go on if you are up to the challenge!

This itinerary is going to take about ten days to get through and if you still don’t want your jungle excursion to end, you can take a trip to the Nature Reserve in Alto Shilcayo, visit a 40 meter waterfall known as the Cataratas de Ahuashiyacu, or hike through rivers and jungles in the Cataratas de Huacamaillo area. You can take as long as you like to get through the jungle territory or spend just a few days in the rainforest. Either way, you will see the true natural beauty that Peru hides within its rainforests that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. 

Itinerary Number Three: Head Up The Pacific Coast For A Long Tour 

If you are more of a person that likes to be at the beach, not moving much from your chair in the sand with a view of the waves, then going to the Pacific Coast in Peru is the exact place for you to visit. There are roughly 1500 miles worth of coastline beaches that go through Peru, and the northern beaches in Lima are the ones that tourists typically focus on when they go. These northern beaches are typically the ones recommended for Peru Tours & Vacation Packagesges because they are completely free of any smog or polluted air which can surround the other parts of Peru, the capital specifically, most of the rest of the year. The northern beaches in Lima are perfect for locals who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and for those who have never been to Peru before and want an exotic beach getaway. 

Once at the Lima beaches you will find great places to go surfing, with professional teachers, seaside restaurants and shops, and more. 

If you want a beach getaway but feel as though sitting on the beach day in and day out could get a little boring and you need just a few extra ideas for things to do, there are some other activities to look into.

Things to do near the beaches in Lima:

There are neighborhoods in Lima that are full of mansions that are colonial and whimsical. You are able to walk through the neighborhoods and see the mansions that may be dilapidated but are still beautiful and full of bohemian glamour. The neighborhoods also have parks filled with palm trees as well as a shopping center with upscale stores. It is both historic and chic simultaneously. 

Lima is also full of museums that teach tourists and locals alike about the history and culture that Peru comes from. The museums will show you everything from the history of the Spanish conquistadors and Inca Emperors, and give you a look at ancient stolen treasure. 

For those who enjoy a little bit of adventure on their trip, you can find activities to do like paragliding, sailing, surfing and much more. 

Lima can be the place to go, whether you want a beach vacation doing nothing but looking at the ocean or a vacation where you get to experience the history and learn about Peru’s culture up close and personal! It is the perfect place for local Peruvians and tourists alike to go and explore. 

Peru is a beautiful country full of rainforests and exotic animals, beautiful pristine beaches and old cobblestone streets with unique shops you can not find anywhere else in the world. You can take a trip that is as rural as it gets or spends your time in luxury amenities eating delicious foods at fancy restaurants. One thing is for certain, whether you are going for a few days or as long as you want, our Peru tours & vacation packages will give you all the majestic beauty and wonder you are looking for and more. 

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