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Crimson canyons give way to verdant gorges and turquoise lakes in Chile’s stunning Atacama Desert – the driest place on Earth. In between these starkly different landscapes, you’ll find spluttering geysers, towering volcanoes and parched tracts of land that have not received a single drop of rain since humans began keeping records of such things.

The Atacama Desert truly is a wondrous sight to behold – standing as yet another example of the variety of monumental landscapes that characterise Chile. The geography here is unique, to say the least. It features lagoons, salt flats, hot springs, rivers and ravines. And it holds many enormous archaeological riches, with some Spanish colonial structures dating to the 16th century. Suffice it to say, the Atacama Desert is a spectacular addition to any Chile itinerary.

Atacama Desert Tour Highlights

Are you planning to travel to the Atacama Desert in the near future? Here are some of the highlights that you can expect to see and enjoy:

  • Arica: This developing seaside resort boasts an expansive coastline, golden sand dunes and a lively entertainment and nightlife scene. It’s also the ideal place to be based when planning a tour of the Atacama Desert.
  • Lauca National Park: Located between 3,000 and 6,300 metres above sea level, this national park represents one of Chile’s most stunning landscapes. Snow-capped volcanoes loom in the background, with crystal-clear lakes and steaming hot springs in the foreground.
  • Lake Chaxa: The shores of this lake are thickly encrusted with salt deposits, and its waters are an important breeding area for dazzling pink flamingos.
  • San Miguel de Azapa Archaeological Museum: Located just 10 km from the Azapa Valley, this museum is a must-see for those who travel to the Atacama Desert. It chronicles the natural and ancient human history of the region, and there are petroglyphs to admire on stone walls outside the facility.
  • Padre le Paige Museum: Located in San Pedro de Atacama and founded by a Jesuit priest, this museum explores more than 11,000 years’ worth of the Atacameñan culture.

South America Tours Pty Ltd have created a collection of Atacama Desert tours that have been specially designed to reveal the diversity and beauty of the Atacama Desert. Contact us to learn more about the area and how to make it a part of your journey in South America.


Atacama Desert Tours

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