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Our exciting range of tailor-made Lake Titicaca tours are ideal for adventurous travellers looking for the definitive South American travel experience. A fascinating lake for so many reasons, from its breathtaking natural beauty to the importance that it plays in many Andean cultures, Lake Titicaca is located between Bolivia and Peru at 3856 metres above sea level. This gives it the title of the world’s highest navigable lake, and with an area of at 8,372 km², it’s also one of the world’s biggest.

Lake Titicaca is a sacred place for the Inca civilization. Incan mythology says that the first Inca king, Manco Capac, was born here, so it has been celebrated for hundreds of years as the birthplace of the sun. Yet the fascinating history of this sacred body of water provides further insights into the original Andean people, as its shores and islands, such as Amantani and Taquile, are still home to the Aymaras and Quechuas, some of Peru’s oldest peoples who predate the Incas by a thousand years.

Our customisable Lake Titicaca adventure tours range from three days to three weeks and combine the captivating panoramas this Andean freshwater haven with its more than 530 aquatic species is renowned for with insights into its fascinating history that are still exciting historians to this very day.

Lake Titicaca Tour Highlights

From waking up to the sight of the sun rising peacefully over the waters of the lake to relaxing at the end of the day as it sets against the dramatically rugged backdrop that is the Andes, our Lake Titicaca adventure tours are packed with incomparable highlights. You and your travelling companions will share in a wealth of amazing travel experiences that includes:

  • Wandering through traditional villages where ancient myths and beliefs still hold true
  • Exploring the Uros floating islands near the protected National Reserve of Titicaca
  • Immersing yourself in a variety of exotic Andean cultures, including Incan culture
  • Guided excursions to the tombs at the spectacular peninsula of Sillustani

With luxurious accommodations, experienced guides and interpreters, and a wide selection of optional activities and excursions, our customisable Lake Titicaca tours deliver travel experiences like no other. The travel specialists at South America Tours Pty Ltd look forward to helping you select and customise an exciting tour that enables you to fully indulge and immerse yourself in the splendour and spirit of Lake Titicaca, the birthplace of the sun and the jewel in the crown of the Andes.


Lake Titicaca Tours

Explore the best of Bolivia in this 5-day tour and enjoy one of the highest cities in the world La Paz. Get thrilled by Lake Titicaca with breathtaking views.

5 Days

Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Uros floating islands, Taquile, Colca Canyon and Arequipa.

14 Days

Fixed Departure Small Group Tour. Visit: Lima - Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu - Cusco - Lake Titicaca - La Paz & Uyuni sal flats.

13 Days

Fixed Departure Small Group Tour. Visit: Guayaquil - Galapagos Islands - Lima - Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu - Cusco - Lake Titicaca - La Paz & Uyuni.

17 Days

Fixed Departure Small Group. Visit: Rio - Iguassu Falls - Lima - Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu - Cusco - Lake Titicaca - La Paz - Uyuni - Atacama & Santiago

21 Days

Fixed Departure Small Group Tour. Visit: Lima - Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu - Cusco - Lake Titicaca - La Paz & Uyuni sal flats.

18 Days

Fixed Departure Small Group Tour. Visit: La Paz - Lake Titicaca & Uyuni salt flats. Hotel Category Options: Tourist & First Class

7 Days

This 13 day holiday takes you to Peru's most amazing attractions: Lima, Amazon, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cuzco & Lake Titicaca

13 Days
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  • 2

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