John and Muriel Harrocks

Twelve months ago my son Graham, partner John and myself were planning to travel to South America for the Christmas School holidays at the end of 2015. Our greatest wish was to see the Patagonia Area and the lakes district of San Carlos De Bariloche. When we went to book we found that most recognised tour operators did not have trips over the Christmas New Year Week. Graham works in a school and needed to include the school vacation. As a result I resorted to searching the internet and came up with a company called South American Tours. I rang the firm and talked to a lady named Paula Ramiraz, the firm’s Journey Designer. Paula assured me that she could design a trip to include all the places we wanted to visit. We had a very good idea of all the tourist attractions which we wanted to see from reading brochures. We wanted to spend at least two days in each location and to have good accommodation. Within two days Paula emailed me a quote and a planned itinerary commencing the 17th December and taking in all the places we wanted to visit. We accepted the quote immediately and the booking went ahead. I must admit that I became very worried about the fact that I had picked a company from the internet about which I knew nothing but everything was planned to perfection. We needed to depart Queensland on Saturday 28. November 2015. We had previously booked on a nineteen day excursion with another company before trying to arrange the Patagonia Section which extended over the Christmas New Year period.. South America Tours handled the bookings for our air fares which included eleven flights. At every stop over we were met on arrival and taken to our hotel. Each hotel was first class with wonderful views out across lakes or the ocean. Daily excursions were arranged in each of the six towns where we wanted to stay. All excursions were included but on the second day of our Patagonia trip the local guide stated that as we did not have vouchers we had to pay for a section. When we arrived at the hotel that afternoon I emailed Paula and informed her of the problem and would you believe this I had hardly pressed send and the phone rang in our hotel room. Paula was on the line and assured us that all the excursions were included and that she would speak to the guide and correct the matter immediately. That afternoon the guide turned up at the hotel and reimbursed us. We never had another problem. We travel frequently and we have never experienced such a quick response. We had a wonderful trip. We saw snow covered mountains, beautiful waterfalls and lakes and travelled on trains, buses and boats. We even had a white Christmas in the Paine National Park. It snowed heavily from to 10pm. on Christmas Day in the middle of summer. We recommend Paula and Nicolas from South American Tours to anyone wishing to travel to South America.