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Discover this amazing 12-day tour and explore all about Chile. Enjoy these wonderful destinations: In Chile, adventure awaits on every corner! Stroll through the modern and cosmopolitan city of Santiago.

Let's discover Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, this is a place where emotion never ends: The beautiful natural landscapes of the country, it’s fascinating culture, its modern cities and its welcoming people will make you fall in love with Chile again and again.

San Pedro de Atacama is a town set on an arid high plateau in the Andes mountains of northeastern Chile. The driest place in the world offers a variety of otherworldly landscapes and attractions. Also, you will Puerto Varas knew as “the city of roses” this Chilean-German place boasts exquisite restaurants, a stylish casino with a lively program of nightlife and a vibrant cultural scene.

You will finish this amazing journey exploring Puerto Natales, it´s one of the most important urban centers in Patagonia. Located on the north side of the region, between the Pacific Ocean. Puerto Natales has marvelous geography with different geographic formations such as valleys, fjords, archipelagos, and millenary ice fields.

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Day 1: Arrive - Santiago - City Tour.
Day 2: Santiago Viña del Mar & Valparaiso
Day 3: Santiago - San Pedro de Atacama: Moon Valley.
Day 4: San Pedro de Atacama: Altiplanic Lagoons.
Day 5: San Pedro de Atacama: Tatio Geysers.
Day 6: San Pedro de Atacama - Calama - Santiago
Day 7: Santiago - Puerto Varas: Frutillar
Day 8: Puerto Varas: Osorno Volcano & Petrohue
Day 9: Puerto Varas - Puerto Natales
Day 10: Puerto Natales Torres del Paine National Park
Day 11: Puerto Natales: Day at Leisure
Day 12: Puerto Natales departure to Calafate.

This is a suggested itinerary. All Tailor-Made journeys can be customized to suit. Add in additional highlights, spend more time in areas of particular interest to you, or extend your journey to visit other regions of Argentina & South America.

  • Arrive - Santiago - City Tour

    Welcome to Santiago! How exciting! Upon arrival, you will be welcomed outside of Customs by an English-speaking assistant holding a sign with your name on it. This representative will direct you to your awaiting vehicle and driver, we will accompany you to your hotel to assist you with check-in.
    We invite you to discover Santiago, a cosmopolitan city that has become one of South America’s most modern hubs.
    Described by the international media as a surprising destination, Santiago stands out for being a cosmopolitan and modern city that perfectly combines its traditions with a modern outlook. The tour will take you to visit the heart of the city and its emblematic sites such as the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, Santiago’s Central Postal Office and its Municipality. We will also visit the Moneda Palace, which is the government’s headquarters as well as the traditional neighborhoods of the historic city center. The tour also includes a visit to the Santa Lucia Hill, named Huelén by the natives. It is a real urban oasis in the center of the city. There we will learn more about Chile’s history and enjoy some of the best views in the city. After knowing Santiago, we will arrive at Barrio Lastarria, famous for its cultural, inherited and gastronomical offer. The second part of the tour will take you to the eastern side of the city, to the financial heart of Santiago, known for its modern buildings, impressive glass skyscrapers and its impressive sculptures designed by prominent national architects. There, you will see exactly why this area is known as “Sanhattan” among the locals.(Private Transfer)

  • Santiago Viña del Mar & Valparaiso

    This morning after a delicious breakfast, passengers will be picked-up from their hotel to enjoy an exciting tour in this unmissable destinations, Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. Known as the “Garden City”, for originally being surrounded by largely green areas and for now preserving its extensive and beautiful urban gardens, with the Pacific Ocean as its backdrop, Viña del Mar is undoubtedly one of Chile’s unmissable destinations. Viña del Mar stands out for its beautiful architecture, its impressive palaces and famous Flower Clock, photographed by tourists from all over the world. During the tour, you will have the option to have lunch in one of the numerous restaurants in the city, with a variety of delicious sea food on offer. We will travel along the sea front, and enjoy the views of the Pacific Ocean, before arriving at the most important ports in Chile; Valparaiso. It was listed as a Unesco World Heritage site thanks to its colorful beauty and the uniqueness of its location on the hills, which create a natural Amphitheatre with the ocean as its stage. We will visit Cerro Alegre, where you can truly appreciate the magic of the city, with its picturesque funiculars, multi-colored neighborhoods and unforgettable sea views. We will then head to the Sotomayor Square, to see the Monument of the Heroes of Iquique. Once in the port, there will be the option to take a boat out around Valparaíso’s bay to enjoy the views of the colorful hills from a different perspective.(B.)(Shared Guide)

  • Santiago - San Pedro de Atacama: Moon Valley.

    Today, you will be transferred from your hotel in Santiago to the airport to board a flight to Calama and later transfer to the hotel in San Pedro de Atacama Town.
    5 kilometers from the San Pedro de Atacama you will enjoy a first panoramic view of the Salt Mountain Range, with its extraordinary geological features that resemble a lunar landscape, land of countless shades, clear skies, flashes of the sun's rays on the water and the salt crystals, making it simply an indelible stamp. On the tour you will visit the Valley of the Dinosaurs and the Valley of Death, which you will enjoy even more when you know its incredible stories, which are mixed with its perfect dunes for sandboarding; the image of mountains and volcanoes. You will arrive at the Valley of the Moon, formerly known as Las Salinas, consisting of salt, water and clay of a white that will amaze you. Then you will visit the National Reserve of the Flamingos, followed by the Central Crater with an exceptional view, in addition to the viewpoint of Kari, to end the day with a sunset as few have seen in life.(Shared Guide)

  • San Pedro de Atacama: Altiplanic Lagoons.

    Good morning! today you will explore the Salar de Atacama & Toconao Town. You will embark on the way to the Salar de Atacama, in the Los Flamencos Nature Reserve, which will impress you from the start. It is the largest in Chile with its extraordinary geological features that resemble a lunar landscape, its land of countless tones, the clear sky, the flashes of the sun's rays on the water and the salt crystals, make it simply a picture indelible. You will know the town of Socaire, a town that stands out for its traditional cuisine based on the work that the inhabitants do ancestrally with the cultivation terraces and irrigation channels. Then you will visit the Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons, at the base of the volcanoes of the Andes mountain range that bear the same names, through their trails you will be delighted with the beauty of the landscape. Then visit the town of Toconao, with its original stone architecture Liparita, cozy streets and microclimate that provides a fertile land with lush trees, orchards and vineyards. You will have lunch with typical food in a local house in Socaire. (B.)(L.)(Shared Guide)

  • San Pedro de Atacama: Tatio Geysers

    After a nice rest of great adventures, today you will explore Tatio Geysers and Machuca Town! On this excursion you will visit the Tatio Geyser - located at 4,300 meters above sea level - steam fumaroles, which reach 50 meters high, mix with the imposing beauty of the Andes, enjoy an exquisite breakfast prepared in the Geysers. After returning to San Pedro de Atacama, you will be delighted with copper-colored lands, incredibly blue and clear skies, vegetation at first sight almost non-existent but offering all kinds of surprises and plague of other shades of color such as straw brave , where vicuñas move and live, the lone culpeo fox and variety of birds. Continue the trip to the village of Machuca, place of shepherds of ancestral llamas, llareta extraction and sulfur. Currently, this town of houses made of adobe, straw and cactus wood is dedicated to tourism offering local products such as Andean crafts, llama meat, sopaipillas and empanadas (B.)(Shared Guide)

  • San Pedro de Atacama - Calama - Santiago

    This morning, you will be transferred from your hotel in San Pedro de Atacama to the Calama airport to board a flight to the city of Santiago.(B.)(Shared Guide)(Private Transfer)

  • Santiago - Puerto Varas: Frutillar

    After recovering energy and great breakfast, you will be transferred from the hotel to the Santiago airport, to board a flight to Puerto Montt, transfer to the hotel in Puerto Varas.

    Today, we will start our excursion to Frutillar, visiting first the city of Llanquihue, famous for its cold cuts and place of origin of the Maullín River, it is part of the old Route of the Colonists and then we will border the Llanquihue Lake to go to Frutillar. This city is a beautiful town reminiscent of Bavaria, where its first settlers come from. It emerged in 1856 as a loading dock, soon showing tanneries, mills, breweries, etc. We will walk around its beautiful old German-style houses, admiring its well-kept gardens and its incomparable view of the Osorno and Puntiagudo volcanoes. Optionally, passengers will have access to the German Colonial Museum that shows the life of the settlers, and in its Costanera we will see the Teatro del Lago where the famous "Musical Weeks of Frutillar" are held annually with concurrence worldwide. (B.)(Shared Guide)(Private Transfer)

  • Puerto Varas: Osorno Volcano & Petrohue

    Today you will explore a lot of places! Get ready. We begin our tour from Puerto Varas city, “The City of Roses” going to Osorno Volcano, by the shore of Llanquihue lake. We’ll enjoy the Amazing landscape with the Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes, until we get to Ensenada where we start to ascend to the Osorno Ski Mountain center, located at 1.240 meters of altitude.

    We will stay there about an hour, will be enough time for sightseeing, take pictures, and appreciate a unique view to the summit of the volcano with glaciers of eternal snow, the Calbuco volcano, Llanquihue Lake and the Pacific Ocean. As an option passenger can take a cup coffee or sandwich at the coffee shop of the place or take the lift to ascend to 1450 meters altitude in the Primavera Station (Spring) or 1750 meters at Glaciar Station (Glacier) where there is a wonderful and breathtaking views of Llanquihue Lake.

    Later we will go to Petrohue at Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, on a road by the Llanquihue lake shore, enjoying the landscape and magnificent view of the Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes until we get to Petrohue located nearby Todos los Santos Lake. There we can take a soft walk surrounded by an ever green forest, the Osorno volcano and the beautiful Turquoise colour of Petrohué River.

    By paying an entrance fee to the National Park we get to see one of the most beautiful places of the country, “Petrohué River Falls”, a place where the river jumps great masses of lava crystallized immune to erosion for centuries and formed by smaller stones together by a glassy material that highlights the light. You cannot miss it.
    From there we continue a distance of about 5 km, from the slopes of Osorno Volcano and Petrohue bordering the River to the Todos Los Santos lake, where they can take pictures or boarding a vessel that allows them, in a time of 40 minutes or so, sail through "Todos Los Santos" lake or Esmeralda, surrounded by evergreen forests, mountains and the grandeur of the volcanoes, which form a simply spectacular natural setting. (B.)(Shared Guide)

  • Puerto Varas - Puerto Natales

    Today you will be transferred from the Puerto Varas hotel to the Puerto Montt airport to board a flight to Punta Arenas. Upon arrival you will be assisted at the Punta Arenas airport and then transferred to the bus terminal to board a bus to Puerto Natales (03 hours trip) upon arrival you will be transferred to the hotel.(B.)(Shared Guide)(Private Transfer)

  • Puerto Natales: Torres del Paine National Park

    Discover today the National Park Torres del Paine and the Milodon Cave in a full day tour. This trip will know 2 natural monuments First, the Milodon Cave, one of the most important paleontological sites in South America, consisting of three caves where remains of "milodones", extinct prehistoric herbivorous mammals of great dimensions were found. Then continue to Torres del Paine National Park, considered by specialized publications among the most beautiful on the planet. On the way you will enjoy magnificent views of Laguna Sofia, the Cordillera Prat, Lake Porteño, among other places. A short walk will take you to a point where you will see the Cuernos del Paine to continue to the sector of Lake Gray. After a tasty lunch (not included in the rate), you will visit the viewpoint of Lake Nordenskiold and then you will visit the Laguna Amarga, without first visiting the Paine Waterfall, a beautiful place where you can see the discharge of milky waters coming from the glaciers and that drain finally in the Seno of Ultima Esperanza. (B.)(L.)(Shared Guide)

  • Puerto Natales: Day at Leisure

    You will have a free day to go and explore more wonders of this incredible Puerto Natales. Day at leisure to relax and explore. It's impossible to be bored in a city like Buenos Aires. (B.)

    You can also find at the 'Inclusions' section on top, all our recommended activities, and options that you can include on your package to plan ahead your day.

  • Puerto Natales departure to Calafate.

    After a good rest and At the scheduled time, you will be transferred to the bus terminal in Puerto Natales to board a regular bus to Calafate bus terminal.(B.)(Private transfer)

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  • Novotel ***
  • Intercontinental ****
  • The Ritz Carlton *****

San Pedro de Atacama

  • Altiplanico ***
  • Cumbres ****
  • Tierra *****

Puerto Varas

  • Cabañas del Lago ***
  • Remota ****
  • The Singular *****

Puerto Natales

  • Altiplanico ***
  • Radisson Puerto Varas ****
  • Cumbres Puerto Varas *****


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City tour by Condor.
You will start this tour with the best panoramic view of the city from the San Cristóbal Hill, which you will ascend by funicular to the summit station, in this place you can taste the typical drink of Chile, known as “mote con huesillos” and watch Santiago from binoculars installed on the site, you can also visit the shops for the purchase of souvenirs, food trucks and cafeteria that are on site. Then we will go down by cable car from the summit to Oasis Station round trip, and we will go back down by funicular, after this we will visit the Plaza de Armas, surrounded by magnificent buildings such as the Post Office, the National Historical Museum, the Municipality and the Cathedral, landmark Architectural city. Finally, you will visit the Palacio de la Moneda, headquarters of the presidency and civic center.

Full day Navigation Balmaceda & Serrano glaciers
Once you embark, the navigation into Última Esperanza Fjord towards Bernardo O’Higgings National Park begins. The destinations are Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers. During the voyage the history of Puerto Natales is narrated (Frigorífico Bories National History Monument) and we will head then to Condores Cascade and cliffs. The voyage continues to Balmaceda Mount, where you will see the Glacier. We then continue along the route and disembark at Puerto Toro to begin a walk through a native forest of coigües, ñirres and ciruelillos until almost reaching the Serrano Glacier wall. Once on the vessel, you will enjoy an aperitif with ice taken from the glacier. On our way back, you will enjoy the typical spit-roasted lamb at Consuelo ranch.


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